Review top 9 advertising campaigns in the world

The most successful advertising campaigns in the world

The most successful advertising campaigns in the world

Undoubtedly, one of the best and most effective types of marketing and a way to send a message to the audience to sell a product or service is advertising.

We have reviewed the top 9 advertising campaigns in the world that have been successful in their business in this article from the Selectaak site.

An advertising campaign is a set of planned advertisements that deliver the same message to the target audience to achieve a specific goal, and are formed with the goals of increasing sales, attracting new customers, and increasing brand awareness.

For businesses, it is very important to be familiar with successful campaigns because by using them they can have the greatest impact on users.

It will also increase site visits traffic and improve SEO and increase the site's position in Google results.

Before introducing advertising campaigns, we need to consider a few points.

Tips for a successful campaign

  1. Knowing your audience and choosing a campaign related to it
  2. Having enough funds for the desired campaign
  3. Using social media to interact with the audience
  4. Creating a good marketing team to execute the advertising campaign in the right way
  5. Analysis of the obtained results to find weak and strong points

Below are some of the best advertising campaigns that are useful, effective and reliable.

  1. Advertising in social networks using artificial intelligence

Advertising in social networks has become an integral part of the activities of all companies today.

However, a better and more influential tool compared to social media has emerged, called artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can help create targeted ads, in fact, by analyzing data related to demographics, interests, and online behavior of customers, you can identify which ads are of interest to your audience.

Artificial intelligence displays ads to the right people and helps to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  1. Print media is a simple but popular method

You may think that due to the spread of the Internet in today's world, this method is not as effective as it used to be, but it still has its own audience.

Technology is a huge part of American people's lives, yet every year they spend a lot of money on advertising in newspapers and magazines.

In this type of advertising, unlike other media platforms where the customer has no choice but to watch, people can decide to read or ignore it.

People often think that print advertising media is boring, but contrary to what they think, it can be very creative in nature.

If you want to get the most visibility, you can launch an advertising campaign in the book newspaper or any section where you can print an advertisement.

  1. Using advertising boards

Nowadays, all businesses use different types of advertising boards to introduce themselves. These signs are a good representation of your business and brand and will make your business flourish.

Tips for a successful campaign

  1. The effect of using advertising kiosks

You may not be familiar with the name of this type of advertisement, but you see this type of advertisement every day. This is the same advertisement that can be seen on the top of the kiosks.

So, using kiosk advertising features is a great way to promote your product or service. This type of advertising campaign with an attractive design can have a positive impact on your customer's mind.

  1. The importance of advertising in the transport fleet

Usually, the transport fleet is used by employers to promote their desired brand.

Bridges and roads have several advertising corridors because it provides a wider geographic location due to more traffic in these places.

Advertisements in public transportation such as taxis, subways, trains, and buses or in railway stations can have a great impact on informing your product in the city and can be displayed for a long time.

  1. Carrying out election activities

You can use campaigns or election activities to promote your business. This gives enough incentive to people to buy a product or receive a service.

Advertising campaigns send the business message to the known audience in the appropriate period of time and encourage them to approach the campaign goals, and this work helps to attract more customers.

  1. The power of radio advertising

Radio advertising is one of the most powerful ways to promote your products because it will quickly reach hundreds of people directly.

To increase the audience on the radio, you can increase your creativity, for example, you can hold a contest or use famous voices or humorous tips.

  1. Shopping centers and the importance of advertising in them

Placing an advertisement for your product in a shopping center can be a very good way to advertise your brand. Some companies display their advertisements in shopping malls and with this method, customers can see the products of that company on posters, advertising billboards, background images, etc. at the time of purchase.

This type of advertisement is generally for those who do not pay attention to advertisements during their daily life, but when they go to a store to buy, they may encounter these advertisements.

The cost of this advertisement varies according to its type and the store where it is placed.

Creative advertising campaigns

  1. The most impact in branding with television advertising

These advertisements have a great impact on branding because millions of people see them at the same time and attract many customers.

But in addition to great effects, it also brings great costs. Of course, the most important factor influencing the price is the display time of the ad.

Be sure to keep in mind that your TV ad is the best of its kind, because otherwise, the high costs you pay will not have a good return.

Creative advertising campaigns

Today, the use of creative advertising campaigns is more important than ever because we see poor quality advertisements every day.

In the past few years, many companies have used interesting and creative campaigns to have a greater impact on consumers, and we will introduce some of them below.

Orion telescope

One of the world's most creative advertisements is designed using a simple telescope. They have used a simple topic as a solution for more sales and increasing brand awareness.

A photo that consists of three parts and zoomed 800 times allows the consumer to see the flag placed on the moon in high quality, and this is a great campaign.

Interesting advertisement for Nike company

Nike is the largest company in this field, with the production of more than 24 billion shoes.

This company has designed an interesting campaign. In this campaign, the shoes are designed similar to the lungs in the human body, with the Nike slogan that they keep you alive.

Interesting advertisement for Nike company

blendtec company

The product introduced by blendtec is a blender. For consumers, the company's old advertisements were repetitive and had no appeal, and this is where being creative in campaigns becomes effective.

Instead of throwing a few foods into the blender, they used people's favorite devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches, dolls, etc.

blendtec company

Using the best advertising campaigns

Now that you have enough knowledge about the best successful advertising campaigns, it is better to choose the right campaign for your business and brand and start your work.

Be creative when creating your campaigns and don't forget to use these attractive methods.

Don't forget that advertising is one of the most important branding methods. As a result, with better branding, you have greatly helped to increase your sales.

Release date : 24 October, 2023




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