How to respond to negative comments?

The correct way to respond to negative comments


The correct way to respond to negative comments

The correct way to respond to negative comments in the online world is very important for businesses, and we teach you how to deal with them correctly.

Responding to negative comments in the online world has a direct impact on your branding, and you should be able to respond to them in the most basic way possible.

For an online business that offers a service or product, negative comments can be considered the worst thing to happen. These comments can appear on social networks; or to be registered on the website.

The important issue is how to deal with these critical views. You can delete all these negative comments and ignore users. But before that, it is better to think about the consequences.

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The importance of user opinions in the online space

By not paying attention to reviews, you're not only losing a user, you're also losing most of the potential customers that person knows.

Nowadays, all internet users are connected with each other in social networks. As they share their favorite products and services, they make their criticisms and negatives loud and clear.

Be sure that you cannot reduce the volume of criticism by deleting comments online. Therefore, we recommend that you consider improving the problems. Also, do not forget that outside the online world, users in the real world are also communicating with each other and pointing out the positive and negative points of the services or products they have received.

Just as positive comments are important for any online business, negative comments are also very important. Although it is rare for users to express their opinion if they are not satisfied, the same handful should be considered.

According to published statistics, user opinions are very important in the online world:

  • 90% of consumers across all industries and services read online reviews.
  • 48% of users will not approach a company that does not have an opinion.
  • 60% of people consider online comments as the most effective factor when choosing a service provider.
  • 86% of online users trust website or social network comments as much as their friend's words.


Using negative comments to improve business

It can be clearly seen that in Iran, the least importance is given to negative comments. I do not insult business and I do not intend to destroy a person. I'm just talking about my experiences with negative comments I've posted online.

There were websites and channels in social networks that did not see these negative comments critically. They tried to use positive and negative feedback to improve the business. Fortunately, the importance of this topic is increasing every day.


Who gives critical feedback and how to deal with them?

The issue that I have gained in the experience of creating content online is that generally business customers use negative comments. If you do not provide a suitable platform for customers, they will definitely express their negative opinion.

Some of them want to help improve your service and product, and others just want to show off their critical side.

You should look at the matter in such a way that the user cares about your business. Be critical. You can calm the person who criticized you harshly and turn them into customers by explaining or providing the right service. As many friendships in our life are formed by differences and resolving them.


The effect of negative comments on site SEO


The effect of negative comments on site SEO

You may think that approving negative comments will harm your site's SEO. It's not a bad idea, but ignoring all the negative comments will hurt more. By confirming critical comments and responding appropriately to them, users understand your sense of criticism. Accept the user's negative comment and use this criticism to improve the service.

Be sure that if you have looked at your services from the people's point of view, the wave of criticism towards your brand will decrease. Of course, negative comments cannot be reduced to zero, but they can be minimized with the right strategy and improvement of services or products.

Negative comments affect people who get to know your business through location (local SEO). According to Brightlocal research, 2 out of 3 users read reviews before making a purchase. Positive comments are great and help potential customers make a final decision, but negative comments can have just as much or more impact on that decision.


Negative comments on social networks

Apart from the website, we come across a huge mass of comments on social networks. Networks such as YouTube and Instagram, where users' comments on each post can influence customers' decisions.

Big and small businesses will definitely receive comments if they are active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This is because online users love social networks and are interested in being active and commenting in this virtual world.

If you want to see Instagram follower increase, you must be able to manage influential comments.

So, as much as you value positive comments, react to negative comments as much. But how should you deal with this volume of negative feedback?

The answer to this question lies in the importance of your business. The more you care about your business, the more intelligent and reasonable the interaction with criticism can be.

Certainly, no employer wants to lose loyal customers or potential customers. Therefore, pay attention to the criticism of users online and find the root of these negative views. Apologize to them if necessary. You can even change their minds with unique offers.


Why do we get negative comments?

An important issue to consider is, why do we receive negative comments? Sometimes you do your best but still get negative comments! This negative feedback can have various reasons.

There are millions of opinions and thoughts in the online world, and the definition of the term "best" may be different from mine or from millions of other people. To understand why you are getting a negative review, it is better to put aside the bias towards the business and as a user, put the services or products offered under the microscope.

You may unintentionally insult a business, a person, or an opinion without realizing it. Also, negative feedback may come from being overly critical of something. Remember that negativity without reason from the competitor will bring this activity back to you. The root of the problem may be elsewhere, and the services are not being provided properly.

The purpose of reviews as a user is to understand why people are criticizing. You usually get a negative comment when you can't meet the needs of your customers and users. This issue can be related to the content of the site or social network, the way of expression, the importance to people, how to provide services and other things. Be sure that no user leaves a negative comment for great services and products.


How to respond to negative comments on the site and social network?

Responding to negative comments is a way you have to choose yourself. No one can tell you how to respond to criticism. This is something that you should achieve according to your abilities. But what will help you in responding to negative comments on the site and social networks is understanding the user. Put yourself in his place. See if his opinion is really correct, or if he just wants to make your business look pointless.

It is better to be completely calm before responding to negative comments. You know this user is pissed off enough. So don't make him sad more. Respond to critical comments calmly. Keep in mind that everyone has an opinion and you should respect their opinion.

It is very important that you apologize to the users for the problem. You can even create special services for them to ease their discomfort. By doing these activities, most of the time people will delete their negative comments, but if they don't, ask them to delete or update their comments.

Dealing with critical feedback in the online world is very difficult. As it can be difficult in personal life. When you try to provide a service and get a negative comment, don't be disappointed.

Not all people think alike. Do your best to please them. Positive feedback will also help you in this way.


Respond to negative and positive comments as quickly as possible

Another issue that is important when facing negative comments is to respond quickly. Responding quickly to negative or positive comments on posts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can help you gain the trust of customers and users.

The easiest way to attract customers is to pay attention to their opinions and requests. That's why it's so important to respond quickly and professionally.


The importance of responding to comments on social media


The importance of responding to comments on social media

Negative comments in the online world can affect potential customers. But alone they cannot hit the business hard. It is better to learn from the mistakes you have made.

In business, it is almost impossible to provide a unique user experience. Therefore, look at every negative comment as an opportunity to improve your strategy in the process of providing services and products.

Value the opinions sent by users, both positive and negative. If they agree, thank them.

If they don't agree, understand them and increase the importance of their opinion by improving your activities. We hope that we have provided suitable solutions for dealing with negative comments online.


Release date : 10 July, 2023




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